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This is an episodic campaign set in the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition universe, elements from the entire 4e catalog will be brought in. Thematically it draws from Scottish and English Poetry, 1980’s action television shows (A-team, Macguyver), prison movies (Example: Cool Hand Luke), and books like Stephen King’s The Dark Tower and The Dresden Files. The setting is a mix of traditional D&D fantasy, comedy and wild west survival.

  • This is a story-driven campaign with a heavy emphasis on role-playing..
  • This campaign concept is fully realized and plotted out but there will be plenty of room for the PC’s to tell their own stories, and should take the PCs to at least 20th level, with options to continue to 30th if desired. There are methods of bringing in new PC’s should there be attrition or addition.
  • There is very little regard for 4th Edition rules rigidness in this game so if you think you should be able to do it you probably can!
  • I am fast and loose as a DM and the majority of the dialog and settings are improvised, as such rules tend to be bent and molded as to not get in the way of a good story. (Just fair warning for the rules lawyer archetypes

Visit our obsidian portal page for current news and story lines. This is built with busy gamers in mind so your story can be told even if you do not have time to play each and every time. We will try to resolve a plot each week.

Main Page

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