Best Laid Schemes

Welcome to Renwood
Wee Beasties

Welcome to Renwood – Campaign Brief

Set on the southern shores of Lake Nen, Renwood has for a decade been just another settlement trying to survive. within the last 6 months however townsfolk have been going missing, children have been abducted from their homes and rumors of folks changing into horrible monsters of all types have been reported. Talk of treasure and great rewards in the catacombs around the town has spread through the vale via traveling merchants and wandering bards.

These rumors of adventure has attracted a wide variety of people seeking fame and fortune. the local militia has been overwhelmed, however the influx of visitors has been a boon for the local merchants and tradesmen. In fact some say there are more adventurers and their families in town now than original residents.

The hub of it all is the Lakeside Tavern where Theo Quickmire is the owner and barkeeper. He has turned the Lakeside from a barnacled shanty into the finest tavern in the Vale.

An Odd Mage Kale Rodale (referred to as “slimy” by Theo) has been enlisting adventurers to help him discover the source of a strange power that emanates from local ruins and a cavern system nearby. his past attempts have been less than successful.

He has recruited 6 new ummm… brave adventurers to help him on the promise of 500 gold, lots of equipment and knowledge of the source of power he seeks. After a few rounds of beverages it was agreed to leave at first light.

The adventurers set out after a good nights rest. (However the two Dragonborn has a nightmare about a Silvery and Gold dragon in deep distress) after half a day’s travel they arrived at the ruins of Fastormel, a mage tower outpost dating back to the Nerath Empire. after a relatively quiet search of the area, the adventurers searched the basement of the partially collapsed tower and discovered an alchemy lab with a strange purple glowing wall and various potions and components. A grey Bubbling potion, a vile of acid, and the components for a healing potion were picked up by Snapdragon “Ruben” Scribson.

Leaving the basement the crew made their way to the caverns north of the ruins, where a feeling of dark power was sensed. at Kale’s urging the adventurers entered the cavern.

In the cavern were small outcroppings of glowing crystals and some of the adventurers pocketed a handful of shards. also in the room were several bodies of adventurers and townsfolk, as well as a Dragonborn Soldier grasping a tattered banner with the head of a platinum dragon on it. a search of the bodies revealed very little. a small coin purse hidden away and a medallion with a family crest and the name Jensen on one of the humans. Other than that it seems the equipment have been picked clean of any useful items.

Listening down a curving hallway one of the crew hears something moving up to them and they prepare for battle. around the corner appears two writhing masses of tentacles which surround a gaping mouth.


What do they do?


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