The Summer Queen


Tiandra appears as an eladrin of great beauty, with honey-colored skin and hair that shimmers through all the colors of autumn leaves. Her eyes shine golden, like the sun. Her gaze alone can drive people mad

Notable Moments:


“Tiandra, the Summer Queen, is one of the mightiest of the archfey. With a smile, she can ripen a crop, and with a frown, summon wildfires. Noble eladrin infused with the spirit of summer, count themselves as her barons. Other spirits of growth and good favor follow her banner. Her court and its followers are known as the Summer Fey.

The Summer Queen’s Court, in the palace of Senaliesse, is a reflection of her unearthly beauty, and the court can appear frivolous. Fairies flit at her side. Every inch of her throne room is decorated with flowers, fountains, and fine silks. This vivid and rich sensual imagery is all merely a distraction from her fierce intelligence. Tiandra is a master strategist, both in the Court intrigues and on the battlefield. She also possesses an odd, dry sense of humor and a surprising
streak of pragmatism.

Tiandra has an amused fondness for mortals. She craves the unpredictability and urgency instilled by their brief life span. She commands performances by mortal playwrights and commissions poems from poets who strike her fancy. She even goes so far as to take the occasional mortal lover. These relationships have tempered in her the disdain most archfey carry for mortals. She is nominally less fickle in her dealings with mortals than most other powerful fey. The Summer Queen has granted favors to those who serve her well


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