Theo Quickmire



Proprietor of the Lakeside Tavern, Theo is always cheery and
upbeat, consoling hurting patrons that nothing is as bad as it

Thaddeus is a frustrated alchemist who was
unappreciated by his previous employers due to his lack of ethics.
He settled down as an innkeeper in a new land. His inn is located
in a quiet village that did not sit on any main roads. Thaddeus
has decided to drum up business by poisoning travelers with
magical beverages, turning them into monsters. The monsters
have attracted adventurers from all around and have made the inn
quite popular.

Thaddeus’ drinks are harmless unless the second
component, a morning beverage, is taken the next day. As the two
drinks are inert otherwise, Thaddeus has managed to fool the few
investigators who took notice of the drinks.

Theo Quickmire

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