Captain of the 1st Summer regiment


The pixie is a small, butterfly like winged creature with a knack for pranks and mischief. Pixies are always invisible (unless they choose not to be), and carry special arrows that either make victims fall asleep, or cause them to forget everything they know. They are commonly found in groups of 3 to 5, but sometimes can be spotted alone. Pixies are particularly known for knotting hair, leading people astray, and pinching skin black and blue.


Captain of the 1st Regiment of Summer and currently leading the battle on the frontlines against the forces of winter.

From Cyrell’s Journal

We talked with Pollen inquiring about the state of and news regarding the war effort in the battle against the Court of Winter.

The weight of this subject on his mind was evident in his tone and vividly strewn across
his tired face as he described the difficulties being endured on the front lines. He gave a bone-chilling account of many of the Fey creatures waging war against the Summer, but was most concerned with what he described as unimaginably powerful, undeniably evil, demonic warriors that the Summer forces were unable to stop and hard pressed to even contain when they did manage to trap one.

Both Daniria and I offered any assistance within our power to Pollen, even knowing that the battle itself seemed quite beyond our current capabilities. He on multiple occasions refused our aid, obviously not wanting to enter into any pact that would undoubtedly end in our deaths.

We continued to press him on the subject, though, even going so far as to volunteer our services as mere couriers in our desire to show appreciation for the wonderful treatment the Summer Court had shown us. Finally, once we had convinced him we were not wanting to enter into a pact, but
merely offer our help free of conditions, Pollen begrudgingly told us that the best way we could help was to rally support from potential allies like the Court of Spring (with whom Xandril is associated) and the Prince of Hearts, who is due to be married within the week, and that we should meet with the Summer Queen if we truly wanted to pursue this course.

He also noted that gaining her audience would be no easy task in itself, and left us with one final warning of the danger we were putting ourselves in.


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