Mae Ri Ahh

High Princess, Summer Court of Fey


Every Faerie Princess must embark a Flight of Fancy early on in their life but before they wed. Most of the time this involves Gardening in the mushroom palace or sailing the astral sea on a royal yacht. Mae Ri Ahh however has always been a difficult child.

Her flight of fancy was to live as a Mortal Servant in the tavern of Renwood. What she uncovered was much more than could be expected. Rips in the planes, the Living gate shattered, and threats to the Feywild growing fast.

Every Fey Princess comes with an entourage of bodyguards and Mae Ri Ahh is no exception. An Elite Pixie guard and several Treant protectors keep her safe.


About to be wed to the Prince of Hearts, much to her mother’s disapproval. She has set up our adventurers with a safehouse in a bubble where the feywild crosses into the moral realm.

Mae Ri Ahh

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