Kale Rodale

Shard Slayer - Ambassador


“Forgive the gloves, but my order does not permit contact of the flesh.
Now tell me where the relic is located, or I will demonstrate my vast knowledge in the ways of agony.”

Background: Kale was born the son of tavern owner, and was far
more charming than smart, with desires to leave the town where
he grew up. His charm gained him entry into a lesser-known
school of magic whose order required a prohibition of physical
contact. He entered the school and became a proficient wizard.
After leaving this school, he traveled with several less than
scrupulous adventurers. Today Kale is an established wizard with
some wealth and power, always looking for more.

UPDATE: Kale “assisted” the adventurers in search of a strange power emanating from the caverns of fastormel. Healing them through a strange touch when needed but doing little else but goading them along.

After the death of Ezekiel Michaelmas and the return of his body Kale tried to frame the adventurers for reasons unknown. during the escape he avoided being turned into a frog by Snapdragon “Ruben” Scribson and tossing his gloves aside brought the full force of his touch based magic upon Content Not Found: nikolai-drikoneth and his empowered tentacle arm causing it to glow, grow, and who knows what else.

Kale’s body dropped lifeless on the prison floor, and was stolen by Balasar in an attempt to escape from the prison and cover up the murder of a local guard.

As an Agent of the Shard Slayers, Kale takes a more agressive approach in recruiting. His primary goal is to bring worthy adventurers to the Slayer ambassador so they can make a decision. Many times this ends up in the death of the adventurer due to the oddly fragile nature of humanoids. Recently he has tried a different approach of offering large rewards for motivation and protecting the adventurers along they way. What Kale has discovered however is that mortal laws and customs are very frustrating and despite his best and sometimes misguided attempts to help, they tend to think him some sort of heathen.

Maybe forced servitude is the way to go…. only one way to find out..

Update #3
Kale has reappeared at the wedding grounds for Mae Ri Ahh and the Prince of Hearts and after Nikolai was stung by a bee and shot by an Arrow Kale formed out of the ground, ripped off Nikolais Shard arm and encased him in black shards dragging him into the ground without saying a word.

Kale Rodale

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