Ezekiel Michaelmas

Mercenary Mascot


At 12 years old, Ezekiel is a scruffy kid with a bright
smile. He is clean, dresses in well-patched hand-me-downs, and
has tousled brown hair and green eyes


“That’s a deep dent in your helmet. I’ll grab the hammers—
you can tell me how you got it while I pound it out.”

Background: He grew up in a monastery as a cast-off child. He
learned sums, logic, and proper worship, but he always dreamed
of being a warrior.

Ezekiel vanished a few days ago from his bed a tentacled creature was seen leaving his house in the middle of the night but was never caught.

UPDATE: “Zeke” Was found changed in to a horrible creature by our adventurers, after they had slain him and Balasar pulled out his teeth for a trophy, he changed back into a child’s corpse. The group brought his body back to his father and were accused of his murder.

His body is currently being prepared for burial.

Ezekiel Michaelmas

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