Summer Court Elite Guard


The pixie is a small, butterfly like winged creature with a knack for pranks and mischief. Pixies are always invisible (unless they choose not to be), and carry special arrows that either make victims fall asleep, or cause them to forget everything they know. They are commonly found in groups of 3 to 5, but sometimes can be spotted alone. Pixies are particularly known for knotting hair, leading people astray, and pinching skin black and blue.


Buttercup is part of the Elite Force sent to protect Faerie Princess Mae Ri Ahh during her Flight of Fancy.

He escorted the adventurers to the small Faerie safehouse beyond the Oak Door and split when he realized that Mae Ri Ahh had “Left the portal on again” His exact words were something on the line of “Looks like you need to do a bit of Spring cleaning”


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