Dragonborn Fighter


“I was there when the Golden one died, I was there when the Gray Worm turned on his kind, And I will be there when Arkhosia is built anew.”

Balasar was a soldier during the Arkhosian wars. The things he saw will haunt him forever. His family slain by the tieflings of Bael Turath and with no friends or anything else thing left to lose, he volunteered to be cryogenically frozen and work to rebuild the empire in later years. The six others who volunteered were frozen in different locations around the world. Balasar still has a deep hatred of the tieflings and any devilish beings He may encounter. He Blames Zebukiel, the Gray Worm, for the fall of the empire but does not know if he still lives after all these years. He actively seeks the overthrow of Devils and their allies, and sees chromatic and metallic dragons both as kin. Balasar worships Io, the progenitor of all dragons, and hopes to see his rebirth.


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