Best Laid Schemes

Wi’ murdering pattle


at Kale’s urging the adventurers entered the Fastormel Caverns.

In the cavern were small outcroppings of glowing crystals and some of the adventurers pocketed a handful of shards. also in the room were several bodies of adventurers and townsfolk, as well as a Dragonborn Soldier who with his dying action handed a tattered blue and gold banner with the head of a platinum dragon on it to Balasar with the ominous words of “Ancient one.. Take it”. A search of the other bodies revealed very little. a small coin purse hidden away and a medallion with a family crest and the name Jensen on one of the humans. Other than that it seems the equipment have been picked clean of any useful items.

Surprising the Fell Taints

Listening down a curving hallway one of the crew hears something moving up to them and they prepare for battle. around the corner appears 2 Fell Taint Lashers, 2 Fell Taint Pulsars and a Fell Taint Thought Eater. After a spirited battle in the entrance way and a showing of strange touch magic healing by Kale Rodale our heroes defeated the Fell Taints. several healing potions given to the group by Theo Quickmire were consumed Content Not Found: nikolai-drikoneth experienced some discomfort after the fact but Balasar did not.

Scouting and Experimentation:

After a short rest our heroes (And Kale) sent scouts down the spiral hallway and discovered More Fell taints and a strange and terrible mouth on legs with dimensional powers. After the scouts reported their findings a few things happened.

1. Snapdragon “Ruben” Scribson Shattered a glowing shard on the wall which resulted in a small flash and the crystal broke like glass.

2. Snapdragon “Ruben” Scribson pulled out the bubbling grey potion he picked up in the alchemy lab and poured out a drop on to the floor. as soon as the drop touched the ground it took off like a rocket and clung to the arm of Content Not Found: nikolai-drikoneth apparently changing his left arm into the tentacle of a Fell Taint

3. Content Not Found: nikolai-drikoneth Broke off some shards from an outcropping with his tentacle and some powers were gained.

4. Content Not Found: nikolai-drikoneth touched Daniria with his new appendage and she took some psychic damage.

Battle with the Dimensional Marauder

The adventurers then went down the tunnel as a group to face the creatures below. the battle raged on and eventually the dimensional marauder was forced to take Balasar hostage warping deeper into the cavern. Our crew pursued and after a short battle the creature dropped dead. It’s teeth were taken as a trophy by Balasar

The Silent River:

With a chance to catch their breath the heroes realize they are in a room with a swiftly flowing river that plunges into a deep hole yet it makes no sound. after further inspection it is determined that it is in fact real water that is phased out of this plane of existence. There have been many multi planar and realm creatures and objects in this cavern. The crystals here emminate with power originating from the Shadowfell.

The Death of a Child:

After additional examination of the Dimensional creatures body it changes into that of a human child, with his teeth removed. The child is recognized as Ezekiel Michaelmas adopted son of Tav Michaelmas .

Content Not Found: nikolai-drikoneth insists on prayers to the raven queen for all of the dead which can now be assumed to mostly be changed townsfolk and adventurers. He also requests that they take the child’s body back to his father. After using his changeling ability to disguise his new appendage they leave the caverns to head back to Renwood.

Wrongfully Accused:

At the very moment the childs body is revealed to Tav Kale Rodale accuses the adventurers of murder and mutilation. Tav Michaelmas takes his sons body and orders his men to throw everybody in a holding cell. It is later rumored in grief that he ordered the public execution of everyone involved innocent or not.

In the middle of the night Content Not Found: nikolai-drikoneth is awakened by the voice of Theo Quickmire who tells them he knows they are innocent and that they never should have trusted Kale Rodale he explains that there are rumors of their execution but he will help them escape back to the caverns with a distraction. Kale Rodale spends most of his time meditating in the corner while Daniria contemplates kicking him.

Prison Break:

During a changing of the guard the cells click open and all but one guard is pulled to the tavern where a huge fight has broken out. Content Not Found: nikolai-drikoneth_ opens his cell while Snapdragon “Ruben” Scribson attempts to turn Kale Rodale into a frog but fails. Kale kicks open his cell door yelling for the guard on duty, throws off his gloves and grabs the left arm of _Content Not Found: nikolai-drikoneth revealing it as a tentacle and empowering it with a bright purple glow, and Kale drops lifeless on to the floor.

Daniria makes a break for the weapons and Content Not Found: nikolai-drikoneth in an attempt to subdue the guard ends up killing him. Balasar grabs the lifeless body of Kale Rodale and hides it under his cloak while Nikolai changes form into Kale but is unable to disguise his arm. They make a run out the back of the barracks.

Snapdragon “Ruben” Scribson remains behind to explain the situation to the guards, and the story is that Kale went insane and killed the guard and the crew has given chase. the militia believe his story but to be safe Snapdragon is placed back into the cell and they pursue the rest of the group into the night.



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