Best Laid Schemes

O, what a panic

The Letters of the priest

On a desk in a building of the town:


Infestation is almost complete. There are only a few
residents that have not succumbed to the illness. We have
reports that the survivors have escaped into the sewers.
They know what we are doing, and must be found before
they raise alarm and bring outsiders into our town.

For the Glory of He Who is Not Named,

In one of the bedrooms:

It appears as though there is some kind of portal or nexus
around this doomed town. Without proof, I can only
guess, but I feel as though it leads directly to either the
Shadowfell or the Far Realm. I have been studying the
creatures that the townsfolk turn into when the darkness
falls, and by my accounts, nothing separates them from
common undead.

Through intense magical research, I have managed to
trigger the opening of the portal to the tolling of the large
bell in the tower in the center of town. When it is rang
twice, the portal opens. At that time, the town slips into
darkness and the locals turn into undead. Perhaps “turn
into” is a bad description. It is more likely the effect the
Shadowfell has in reflecting the dark within us all. They
don’t necessarily turn into true undead, but instead what
we see is their dark side pulled to the surface.

My studies will continue, but I fear I am fighting a losing
battle. A band of adventurers passed through today as the
bell tolled, and they were trapped in the town. They killed
several of the townsfolk believing them undead. I had to
make haste to the top floor of my study and throw the
lever that activates the bell. When it tolled and returned
the town to normal, the adventurers left. Should this
continue to happen, all of these poor people will be killed
before I can find a way to resolve this issue.

In the robes of the Priest:

To Whoever Finds This:

I have failed in my duties to the Raven Queen. I cannot
determine the cause of the locals’ transformations into the
evil undead. I cannot find the reason that the tolling of the
bell should cause this hideous transformation. I have no
answers. Even worse, I now have more questions than I
did when I first arrived at this doomed town.

To make matters worse, I feel the effect of the impending
Shadowfell aura on me. My mind slips to thoughts of evil
and the grave. I feel I am becoming one of the foul
creatures that my priesthood and Goddess fight so
strongly to destroy. Should someone be reading this, then
that has happened. I offer only apologies for my failures.
May the Raven Queen guide you from this place with
your health and sanity intact.

I have only one final request for whoever is reading this
letter. End it. End it all. I could not find the cause, but I
can instruct you on how to end the effects. There is a
large lever on the top floor of my private study. This lever
will sound the bell in the tower and return the town to its
normal state. Pull the lever only once. Within minutes, the
town will appear to be normal. At that time, try to make
your way to the tower and destroy it with fire. Even if the
locals protest, burn it. It is the only way to save them, if
they are to be saved.

May the Raven Queen keep her keen eyes upon you and guide you to your success.

Jonas Syla, Holy Priest of the Raven Queen



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