Best Laid Schemes

The Sight of Sunshine, Plants, and Flowers

Wedding Songs

1. Renwood
2. Catapult
3. Towers
4. Macomme, Aimlessly
5. My Fair Wayward Lass
6. The Bees
7. The Sight of Sunshine
8. Going to the Moonhills

1. Renwood

Traditional (Anonymous)

Well it’s been a long time, a long time love,
Since I’ve seen you smile.
And I’ll gamble away my fright,
Oh, I’ll gamble away my time.
And in a year, a year or so,
This will slip into the sea.
Well it’s been a long time, a long time love,
Since I’ve seen you smile.

2. Catapult

Written by Periem Clivase and Cyrell Silverstring

Your love like a catapult crashed through my hull
Left me ragged and bent in my soul,
Sent me shouting alike to the sea and green sky.
Wish I’d wings for to watch from above.

As you threw out your arms and thus summoned this storm,
Set my dogs and my wolves all to howl,
Sent me tumbling around, begging for solid ground,
Addled hatchling, a lost drunken dove.

On the morning I woke to see you sail the moat,
All the orchids and lilies did wilt.
Sent my ramparts and walls that had once towered tall,
This whole castle, a’crumbling to stone.

When you made me to weep down abandoned old streets,
My tears turned the brick roads to silt,
Sent the city away in a river of waves,
And sank to the bottom my bones.

3. Towers

Written by Justin Vernon

For the love Iʼd, fallen on
In the swampy summer dawn.
What a mischief you would bring, young darling!
From the faun for, ever gone
In the towers of your honeycomb.
I’d a’tore your hair out just to climb back darling!

For the love, comes the burning young,
From the liver, sweating through your tongue.
Well, you’re a’standing on my stomach, don’t you climb down, darling!
Oh the sermons are the first to rest,
Smoke on dark days when you’re drunk and dressed.
Out the hollows where the swallow nests.

4. Macomme, Aimlessly

Written by Cyrell Silverstring

Aimlessly I have wandered through this valley so long,
In search of the stillness only its trees have known.
Years spent in the vineyard, all my sorrows to fold,
Wrapped them up in the bends of the River Macomme.

There I found the flower that carried your name,
Suppressed violet petals that smelled of your mane.

My soul, like this gorge, has been carved out so rough
By the journey of time, water as its brush.
Soon it should reach its baseline, and find rushing love,
Running back through its veins like the bore and its flood.

Sleeping in, all day, in a nest only birds could have made
When the moon is full, I’ll be leaving and wishing I’d stayed.

Stars all burn away,
a thousand thousand miles off,
I could step over the wilting moon,
And not have gone far enough.

5. My Fair Wayward Lass (Macomme, Aimlessly – Pt 2)

Written by Cyrell Silverstring

Deep within the valley, where the old meadow blooms,
My maiden like a robin, perched as she swooned.
The bells of Sune rang the streams and hollows around,
And the Spring rain fell quiet as it ran down my crown.

And the stars swooped down
On the ardor we’d found,
And the sun shone too
On the brook water blue
Where my heart fell through.

Slept among the daisies with the sun on her face,
Deep into the valley of her shoulder I’d traced.
But now she’s gone and fallen into woods dense and vast,
And I am left to longing for my fair wayward lass.

6. The Bees

Written by David Portner

So sudden,
The bees, they came flying.
So violent
The bees , they came sly.
So scary,
The bees , they came wide.
So wild
The bees, they came crying.

They said, “I take my time.”
You take your time.

7. The Sight of Sunshine

Written by Cyrell Silverstring

I thought I would die that day,
The day that I, the day I went away.
I look into your eyes, and suddenly I start to cry.

I never figured out why.

I should never feel this way,
I know it’s wrong, but I have to say
I miss you every day.

You sing to show to me
The sight of sunshine, plants, and flowers.
And then you grabbed me,
We drank mead and laughed for hours.

I look into your eyes and sadness turned to smiles inside.

I didn’t see me.
I didn’t know me then.

8. Going to the Moonhills (for Tiandra, Queen of Beauty and Grace)

Written by Cyrell Silverstring

Your golden eyes render all my efforts pointless.
Your golden eyes are going to kill me for sure.
One look at you and I know that these walls will come down
Because your burning eyes are bright and pure.
But there’s a place for us
In a white stone castle
By a summer field
In the Moonhills.

I’ve got a twitch in my sword hand and it makes me nervous,
And I’ve got 15 silver in my vest pocket,
And your memory marching up my veins,
And a twice-broken heart that’s far too frail to stop it.
There’s a place for us
Somewhere off in a white stone castle
By a summer field full of flowers and laughter
In the Moonhills.



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