Best Laid Schemes

A Weary Nibble

Gnomes and Badgers

Best Laid Schemes of Gnomes and Badgers go Often Arwy

At the monster thanksgiving Nikolai finds himself in the middle of a plot to rob the Summer Fey Safehouse of its riches. Led by Francis the Badger – Stench Kow, Gnome, and Psychic Mole the group of springtime tricksters plot and scheme in their new hideout, an abandoned hut on the outskirts of town.

The primary problem they face is well everything. The summer court has apparently employed adventurers who thwart each and every plot before it even gets started. But this time they have Nikolai who in the form of a minotaur has agreed to distract these adventurers that killed stench Kow long enough for the group to sneak in and steal the riches and get out.

Nikolai agrees to this and takes some Singing Campestris for the road. While the Springtime tricksters give him a hour or so head start.



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