Best Laid Schemes

Thy wee-bit housie

More Butterflies??

On the road following the pixie dust:

While traveling through the forest from the town the adventurers come across none other than Zandril with a feast set up and fireworks, and servents? Where did he get all this?? Well it is the Fey is his only answer. Daniria promptly demands the key back and Heath takes his candle back from daniria.

After a bit of catching up and all of the partying that went on the night before in the town’s celebration of liberation our crew are ready to move on rather than start to drink again in celebration of who knows what…

Following the pixie dust again the crew come upon a clearing in which a majestic castle of shimmering white marble covered with massive vines sits. The candle seems to point the way to this place.

Is this the “Hovel” of a safehouse the princess was talking about?



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