Best Laid Schemes

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The Shardmind’s Plight:

A brief history of the Shardmind as told by God Shard (Artifact Gatherer) (Orange) Shard Slayer (Purple/Black) and Thought Builder (Arcane Knowledge) (Blue)

When Demogorgon shattered the Living Gate, its crystalline shards were scattered throughout the planes. Some of these fragments contained enough sentience and psionic energy to manifest humanoid forms, and thus the Shardmind were born. The smallest and weakest shards collided with the ground and either burrowed deep within, or were decimated, shattering even further to become a fine dust. Though rare, larger shards exist – crystal monoliths that jut from the ground at odd angles, humming with an alien power. Creatures who have encountered an area infused with the crystal dust return with tales of whispering voices and odd transformations, while those who study the monoliths speak of tapping into an ancient power.

As the shards passed through the planes they gathered energy and it fused into their being. Where once there was a collective hive mind, now formed individual personalities and ideologies.

God Shards believe that through the gathering and collection of powerful artifacts and magic items the Living Gate can be rebuilt stronger than before. Members of the Gatherer caste can imbue normal weapons by opening a portal and placing a powerful artifact into the collective and exposing a simple item to the gathering power as the artifact is made into a building block of the gate.

Shard Slayers believe that only through consolidation of the Shard Mind essence can the living gate be rebuilt back to it’s pure purpose. This is accomplished through the destruction and absorbtion of willing shards to form a more powerful shard. (For now there are enough willing shards to prevent mass genocide and shard civil war)

Thought Builder’s believe that knowledge is the key to rebuilding a stronger gate and through arcane workings they will be able to fashion a home for all of the shards and protect the planes from each other. They take spells, and other arcane energies and gather trying to unlock the one grand spell.

These are not the only ideologies out there but are the most widely accepted among the individual shards.

Shard Essence:
Shard Dust can be made into essence which seems to have adverse effects on mortal creatures.

Shard Ambassadors:
The fractured factions of the shard collective all have agents in the planes searching for assistance. They do not really have much in the way of manners or common sense but they do have a wisdom that rivals gods in it’s scope. Each will reach out in their own way and sometimes they can seem evil or in some cases insane. But they all do what they think is best for the saftey of the planes.

Kale Rodale

Oh Kale… An Agent of the Shard Slayers, Kale takes a more agressive approach in recruiting. His primary goal is to bring worthy adventurers to the Slayer ambassador so they can make a decision. Many times this ends up in the death of the adventurer due to the oddly fragile nature of humanoids. Recently he has tried a different approach of offering large rewards for motivation and protecting the adventurers along they way. What Kale has discovered however is that mortal laws and customs are very frustrating and despite his best and sometimes misguided attempts to help, they tend to think him some sort of heathen.

Maybe forced servitude is the way to go…. only one way to find out..



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