Best Laid Schemes

Davarr and the Bear

From Cyrell's Journal

We pressed on through the mist and the mud near the creek, keeping a close eye out for landscape matching the description of Davarr’s house. Finally, we glimpsed several black stones atop an out-of-place hill sitting beside a little pool beside the creek. I crossed the creek in order to put a small amount of distance between Heath and myself, as well as to get a better look at the hill. As we approached, we could clearly see the circular pattern of black stones set in the hill, as well as a somewhat obvious false-floor trap that was enormous in size. Heath and I both peeked under the branches and leaves and grasses to see into the trap. Amazingly it was just as deep as it was wide, and the only thing trapped there was an impaled wolf not long dead but obviously famished before death and now beginning to decay.

We started towards the hill to inspect the stones closer, but I somehow managed to catch a brief sight of stone near the pool behind us. We moved over towards it, and using the corner of the stone I saw we theorized about where the house and door must be. I sprinkled the dust from the flower bloom in front of me and, sure enough, it revealed the house we were looking for. It was a modest house, and well-disguised. If anyone ever came looking for Davarr, they would not have an easy time of it. We knocked at the door, but no response was given. We listened closer, but no sound was within. Then, out of nowhere, I heard the faintest snoring sound, and we induced that he must be asleep. We opened the unlocked front door and approached to wake him. He woke fairly easily, and was gruff with us but agreed to come look at the stones after some convincing.

We walked up with him to the hill, and began to inspect the stones and their patterns. He divulged more information to us regarding the nature of the stones while we poked around. He then told us that nothing had changed with them, none were missing or out of place or acting less stone-like than usual. This struck us as odd, because all of our acquaintances’ descriptions suggested there would be about twice as many stones here as there were. While we stood pondering this, Davarr made his way back into the house. After a few moments, we moved to join him.

We opened the door, but he was not waiting for us; rather, a huge bear leaped out at me through the doorway and narrowly missed. As he slid to a halt, Heath and I ran for the hill. We carefully dodged the trap we had found, but as we passed it an idea struck me. My new spear was particularly effective at forcing opponents to move to places they didn’t want to, and I could use it to push our bear assailant into the trap. I pulled it from my back and braced for the charging beast. As it crossed into my reach, I leaned left and thrust straight forward into the bear, redirecting it directly above the trap. It fell immediately, and joined the wolf on the spikes.



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