Best Laid Schemes

Thou need na start awa sae hasty

Oh adventurers… What a strange and winding road this has been and we are only at the beginning.

Ishmer on the other side

A massive Arkhosian city with large waterfalls carved into a bluff in the middle of a vast desert, as any Dragonborn would do Ishmer moves to explore it’s depths. Suddenly Dragons from every chromatic fmaily streak overhead to the ruins. A low rumble in the ground starts to shake the earth is this land unstable? Cracks begin to form in the cliff face. Oceans of water begin to pour out of the bluff and cross the arid plains.

The cliff face bursts and thrown from the ruins is none other than Tiamat Queen of the Chromatic Dragons. Another low rumble and from out of the ruins bursts forth Demogorgon Prince of Demons who is clearly the aggressor in this struggle and winning!

The struggle between the two near gods reaches a crescendo, Dragons of all colors are falling easily to the demon. Tiamat through a cunning claw swipe is able to break free for a moment and send a simple message to Ishmer’s Mind..

“Bloodling! there is not much time and you are my last hope.” “He has my Brother and soon he will have me, seek out my children Shadowmire, Bitterstrike, Calastryx, and Vestapalk. Convince them of what has happened. You will need proof and I will make sure you have it.” “He should not be this strong GO!”

Demogorgon pulls her back into the ruins and disappears in a flash, and what was just oceans of water moving across the dunes is now worlds worth of water. Ishmer knowing this is not good dives back through the portal and the water that was flooding the room is now intangible.



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