Best Laid Schemes

An' weary winter comin fast

From Cyrell's Journal

Mae Ri Ahh ran around back, and we swiftly followed. She was weeping over the body of the Prince, the Stormhawks and remaining bridesmaids huddled around her. I noticed a huge thorn stuck in his chest that had a icy bluish sheen to it. It was spreading its cold all over his body, creating a thin layer of ice that covered him from head to toe. The frost was thickening into a coating of ice and it was apparent we needed to act fast if we were to save him. We couldn’t rip the thorn out, as its icy tendrils had already attached to his flesh and pulling it out would pull a large chunk of flesh with it. There were strange markings on the thorn, runes that were reminiscent of others I had read about – this was magic of the Feydark or the Shadowfell, but also infused with demonic magic.

We had heard Queen Rosen’s name mentioned by Tenzikel while he was shouting about his bees, and my modest knowledge of the Fey reminded me that she was a Fey Queen locked away long ago by various members of Fey royalty for practicing fell magics, demonic magic, Feydark magic. This was no coincidence. We had to either find this Queen Rosen or find the nearest Elder Fey to help us reverse this freeze covering the Prince of Hearts. Our best bet would be to seek out Davaar, a former companion of Tenzikel and the most powerful known Druid near Bellis; his location was at least vaguely known to some folks around the wedding, whereas finding Rosen would be inconceivably difficult.

Heath, Drakon, and I set off to find Davaar. We followed the river, both because we were told that was the best way to find him and because our sight was impaired by the unnaturally thick mist settling over the land. We took our time, with Drakon as a scout and Heath and myself forming the rear guard, slowly making our way down the river. We were suddenly surprised to come across a Dryad asking for help. After the run-in with the Dryad before the wedding, we were wary, but she seemed desperate to save her sisters and her grove. We heard a shriek in the distance, in the direction she had pointed us, and we decided to see if we could help.



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